Two important benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan A

In some cases, having an original Medicare Part A or B is simply not enough. One might need additional health care services that aren’t covered, yet cost a lot. If you have already looked at different supplement plans, you are affected by this and already know that you simply need additional health care insurance to lower you costs, while allowing you to get all the health services that you need.

What does Medicare supplement plan A cover?

The first plan of the 10 Medicare supplement plans available is plan A. It is not as expensive as the other ones, but therefore doesn’t cover all expenses, that for example, a plan F might cover. There are two important benefits, that supplement plan A does cover. If you think of them and acknowledge that it is exactly these two benefits you are most in need of, Medicare supplement plan A might be just the right amount of additional health care for you!

  1. Hospital care – with this first, main coverage point, you can be assured, that with getting the supplement plan A, you will be covered in case that you need to be admitted to the hospital. This is a crucial point, that attracts many to enroll to this supplement plan. No one can really know when problems with health may appear, as even the healthiest people out there can get sick all of a sudden. Similarly, accidents and sudden traumas can occur and although you might have never had the need to be admitted into hospital in your entire life, you can never know if you will need to and this is something that can change quickly. When admitted to the hospital, Medicare supplement plan A will cover the costs that you will require to get healthy again, such as meals in the hospital, nursing services, a semi-private room and other health services you might require while in the hospital. A private room won´t be covered, unless your doctor sees this to be important for your health. Also, should you need blood, the Medicare supplement plan A won´t cover it. In some cases, the hospital can get it from a blood bank, which is free of charge, or someone might be able to donate it to you. If not, you will need to pay for the first three units of blood. Should more than that be necessary, the supplement plan A will start covering for it.
  2. Home health services – requiring a home health service is to many patients crucial to the healing process. Home health services involves physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services and part-time skilled nursing care. Patients who have had the need of using these services without being enrolled to a supplement plan, know that paying for the insurance instead of these treatments separately, saves a lot of money, while providing you with the peace of mind and knowledge that whenever you might need these services due to your bad health, you can get them without having to worry about the costs!

What Medicare Advantage C Is All About


Medicare advantage plans are there to help you cover for expenses that won´t be covered by Medicare plan A or Medicare plan B. One of the 10 available plans is the advantage plan C. Here is what Medicare Advantage Plan C is all about! Find out whether it´s the right advantage plan for you or not!


What It Covers

The benefits of 2019 Medicare advantage plan C are many! It is one of the Medicare advantage plan C that covers for almost all of the expenses. The benefits of this advantage plan, are:

  • Coverage for part A hospital insurance expenses
  • Coverage for additional hospital days (up to 365 days)
  • Coverage for the expenses of getting the first three pints of blood (Medicare plan A and B cover for the rest)
  • Coverage for the expenses of Medicare Plan B coinsurance
  • Coverage for the expenses of hospice coinsurance
  • Coverage for the expenses due to skilled nursing facilities
  • Coverage for the part A deductible
  • Coverage for the part B deductible
  • Coverage for expenses of preventive care coinsurance
  • Coverage for travel insurance

What It Doesn´t Cover

There is only one expense that isn´t being covered by Medicare advantage plan C. This is the expense of the Medicare Part B excess charges. Yet, this can also be avoided and you might end up not having to pay any excess charges at all. Avoiding these charges is actually not as difficult. All you need to make sure is, that you´re visiting only doctors who will charge you what Medicare advantage plans cover. And there are many health providers who do! Excess charges are costs of health providers who will charge you over what is being covered by your advantage plan.

When it comes to this advantage plan, it is worth knowing that it won´t be available for much longer. New law has been passed, which prohibits health insurance companies from offering plans that cover for the part B deductible. This is why starting on January 1st, this plan will not be available to new members. Those who enroll to this plan before 2020 can still continue using its benefits.

The part B deductible is a yearly amount of 183$. Due to the new law being passed, many are choosing not to enroll to this plan or change on another one. The predicament is, that once the plan has less and less members, the premium rate for it will increase. The health insurance companies have said, that this is not to be expected and that if there is an increase, it will be a minimal one. Only the future will tell what will happen to the premium rate of this plan, however until now, it has been a favorite, as it covers for almost everything, yet costs less than a plan who cover for the Medicare Part B excess charges. One of these plans is the advantage plan F, which covers for the excess charges but also has a higher premium rate.

Ways to Save on Your Medicare Advantage

Do you ever wonder of the ways to save on your Medicare Advantages? There are various things that you need to understand for you to be able to save on your Medicare Advantage easily and effectively.

Whether you just started on the Original Medicare and you are purchasing the initial Medicare Advantage plan, or maybe you have a cover and are concerned about the money-saving choices, the following approaches can be of help to understand this concept better.

With the modern technological advances, you can simply relate the rates of all the accessible agents and plans online. You should utilize at least two dissimilar sources when making these comparisons. It is a normal undertaking for websites to revise their comparison outcome to indicate to you the firms that they represent which is usually the event with direct company sites.  Some sites will only display the firms that reimburse them a high commission

  • Select the Appropriate Medigap Plan

Just because a Medicare Advantage Plan is expensive doesn’t mean that it is automatically better. Several of Medicare-eligible will make a purchase of Medigap plan F without doing an exploration of their choices. By taking plan F, you pay for benefits that you might not necessarily require. Additionally, rate arguments tend to be elevated over the years in Plan F in comparison to other plans such as Medigap Plan F and Medigap Plan G. Some plans could, in the end, cost you considerably higher in the long term.

  • Enquire from the agent about Household or Marital Discounts

In a number states, several firms will give a discount of ten to fifteen percent for persons who have shared a home with an individual for at least one year. The same discounts will be offered by other agents for married partners if the two of them register in the same Medicare Advantage Plan. Even though these saving are not obtainable each time, it is of benefit for you to inquire.

  • Consider purchasing a Medicare Select Plan

The working of Medicare Select Plans is similar to that of standardized Medicare Advantages but with a single difference. In case you require to be admitted to an infirmary or you necessitate inpatient treatment, it is necessary for you to use a network hospital. Else, Select plans that give comparable benefits. In case there exists a high quality network in your area, a Medicare Select Plan is a brilliant approach of saving on your Advantageal premium,

  • Operate with a skilled independent agent

An independent agent is going to represent various Medicare Advantage firms thus presenting you with additional health coverage selections. Also, if the rate increases, they will have the aptitude of recommending modifications in coverage. Directs firms also known as captive agents usually have a single choice to give you.  Working with an agent who is flexible enough to give you the most appropriate plan despite of the company is a marvellous money-saving benefit.