Original Medicare plans are the medicare facilities which are provided by the government. They include Part A and Part B of your medicare facility. Whereas, Medicare supplement plans are provided by privately owned institutions which are certified by the government. To apply for Part C, that is Medicare advantage plan you must have a Part A and Part B of the original medicare. Listed below are few popular medicare supplement plans in Wisconsin. Get supplement plan quotes


  1. AARP Medicare Advantage Essential (HMO-POS)

A 4.5 rated medicare supplement policy which requires you to pay $0 monthly premium. Although you do have to pay your Part B premium. You do not have to pay while visiting your primary doctor and a very minimal amount while visiting a specialist. However, it does not cover Part D of your medicare and you most probably have to look for a supplement part D plan. You pay nothing for preventive or home health care. However, if you consult a doctor or service outside the plan’s service you might end up paying more than in the network.


  1. Dean Advantage Essential (PPO)

The plan has a bit higher out-of-pocket maximum going up to $6700 for in-network services. There is also a minimal charge for every visit to the primary as well as the specialised doctor. The plan covers an unlimited number of days for an inpatient hospital say, which is reduced to $0 per day after day 6, covering both acute and psychiatric hospitals. They do cover the part D of your medicare plan and assigns up to $435 of deductible prescription drug amount. With a star rating of 4.1, the plan provides you with all of the services at top-notch quality but is a bit expensive.


  1. Allwell Medicare Essentials (HMO)

With a 0$ monthly premium, this plan has a good overall rating and is quite popular among the masses. You do have to pay a minimal amount of copay while visiting your primary doctor or specialist. They provide you with an out-of-pocket maximum of $4900 which is quite reasonable. Prescription drugs are not included in this plan. You pay nothing for outpatient lab services or tests. A 20%coinsurance have to be paid for radiological tests like a CT scan or an MRI. The plan pays an additional amount of up to $2400 for dental services.


  1. Anthem MediBlue Plus (HMO)

It has a pretty impressive overall rating of 4.5. You do not have to pay any premium charges except the premium of your Part B Medicare plan. You have a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $4300. Prescription drugs are included in this plan and you get a deductible amount of $150. You do have to copay for lab and radiology services depending upon the service needed.