Travel Insurance: Possible with these Medicare Supplement Plans

If you´re thinking about leaving the country for a longer period of time, you might be going through your list and checking whether you´ve prepared everything that you need for your trip. However, is travel insurance on that list too? Because, it should be. Accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere and needing professional health care can sometimes happen even while on vacation! There are injuries and conditions that won´t and can´t wait until you´re back in the United States. Also, costs for health care abroad can be very high and ruin your trip, while ruining you financially. There is a solution to this, that will give you a peace of mind. You can travel freely, knowing that if anything happens, you can visit a doctor wherever you are, without having to worry about the costs! Travel insurance is available for abroad too, you only need to know how.

The most important thing is that Medicare part A and Medicare part B don´t cover for your expenses, once you´ve left the United States. You would be left on your own and would need to pay 100% of the bill out of your own pocket. There are only very limited situations, in which Medicare part A and B would pay for that bill. This would be in the case that you live near a border and the nearest hospital happens to be in the other country. Also, if you´re on a cruise ship and you´re not more than 6 hours far away from US cost, your health care costs will be provided. So, if you´re planning on taking cruise ships that will lead you more than 6 hours away from US cost and if you don´t live or take vacations near a border, you will need the added insurance that will cover for your costs! Get a quote at

The best way of getting this added health insurance, is by enrolling to a supplement plan. These supplement plans will cover for your expenses abroad:

  • Medicare supplement plan C
  • Medicare supplement plan D
  • Medicare supplement plan F
  • Medicare supplement plan G
  • Medicare supplement plan L
  • Medicare supplement plan M
  • Medicare supplement plan N

After knowing that all of these Medicare supplement plans cover for travel insurance, you can choose which one is best for you by looking at other expenses, that these supplement plans cover. Compared to your own personal needs, you can find one that covers for all the benefits that are important to you.  Prior to choosing one supplement plan, compare the premium rates from health insurance company to health insurance company. While a plan C will offer the same benefits, regardless from which company you get it, the rate for the monthly premium might be higher or lower. Health insurance companies have the right to set their own price based on their own criteria, therefore it is important to speak to several ones and find out which one will offer you the lowest rate for the same benefits.